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 Mission 2- Captain Khars Campaign 10pm US Eastern Standard Time

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PostSubject: Mission 2- Captain Khars Campaign 10pm US Eastern Standard Time    Sat Mar 10, 2018 8:30 am

DrogYol  stands and moves to the side of hell his hand rasing as the lava parts.
The demonic army soon matching into possition as the Hell gate rises from the dirt soon roaring to
Life " good luck girls "
Silver takes my position in the ranks ready to enter the abyss Razz

Khar walked to the front of her troops from the side, inspecting their position. Once ot the front,
she placed herself in the middle and looked into the gate before saluting to her master "Will do"

Saku quickly follows behind her captin ready and awaiting her orders "I'm ready when you are "
A white light soon goes over them all as they awaken in a forests the hell gate behind them humming,
the grass is green all around them exsept aroudn the gate where it all starts to die. There is a soft
wind coming from the East as the sky seems bright.

KharsynLeVane  She looks around and squints her eyes. "Saku take your troops and head east, leave a
trail so you can find your way back here if you get lost. Silver you go west and do the same as Saku
will do. I will go north and leave a trail if you need to find me. Whle you are out, collect data and
if you come across a person, dont let your guard down. " She explained to them before heading North
with her 400 troops. She took big steps, paving the way of her troops to run over the grass as they walked.

Silverfollows the captains orders heading west with her troops leaving behind a trail
to find our way back to the gate, searching for data to collect , running swiftly in the direction she was
headed with her troops following behind and shouts "goodluck!"

Saku taking her troops she licks her finger to feel the direction of the wind before pointing eastward for
her troups to march" March onward men! Leave only a trail to find our way back and be on the lookout for
anything of value! "

The Large force heads north behind the captain the hell hound running along side her the forest getting clear
as she soon can see a large ocean not too far away but the outline of a kingdom to the south. SIlver and her
troops find nothing untill they run into a dirt road carved into the forest. Saku quickly finds the end of the
forest coming onto a beach looking up the cliff she can see the outline of Khars forces in the distance.  

Kharsyn stood at the cliff and turned her body around to face her troops. She looked over the forest and
called out to her winged troops and directed them to get as close as they could without being seen. With
that direction she waved them off using two fingers to point to the direction of the kingdom."Make it as quick
as possible, we dont have all day to sit around."

Silverdemonickobra  as we enter the dirt road i direct my troops to follow the dirt road and discover fresh
tracks on the road headed into the forest. she leads her troops towardsthe fresh tracks to pick up the scent,
she smells a distinct scent somewhere nearby, she follows the scent from the tracks on the road with her troops
close behind manouvering through the path

Saku marches along the beach she sends 4 winged to scout the area above while sending 2 demonic to scavenger for
supplies around the beach. She directs the remaining troups into formation with each side of the box formation
looking outward in their given directions while moving in unison along the beach.

Khars winged beasts roar as they take off into the sky dust and dirt blasting about as the full flock enters high
into the sky, heading to the Kingdow trying not to be seen. They quickly fly over Silvers as Saku can see them
taking off into the sky as well and moving south, As silver looks the tracks turn out to be hard to read but the
sent was very much real almost like wet fur but not quite. comign from a darker part of the forest and away from the
track. Saku sends her beasts up into the air sand blasting as they take off the demonic troops soon calling her over
there seems to be a body in the sand. It was jsut a bit taller then them with 4 legs a Odd tongue hanggind from its
mouth as its human ish body was covered in thick strange hairs.

Khar directed her troops to make a path for her to walk through, once she was down the opening she called for her troops
to face front. She walked forward and flapped her wings cautiously, keeping her guard up and waiting for someone to try
to attack. They made it to the south side of the forest and started to make her way through, her troops making a trail
behind them of stepped on grass.  

Silver stops following the tracks on the road and orders her troops to search the perimeter to see what they can find in
the forest, she sends two of her winged troops to intel from a birs eye view to see of they can find anything of use, i
standby and waits to see what happens.

Saku calling out to her she calls her troops to a halt before having them follow her to this unknown body.
She cautions them to stop with their sheilds up but calls over three more demons to investigate whether the body
was dead or alive

A horn comes from the south all of the demons can hear it , Khar seeing her beasts soon scatter in the sky there shadows
moving around [ all of the demons can see Khars winged beasts scatter ]. There is soon a loud roar as silvers troops move
into the forest [ Khar can also hear the roar ] a hulking feathered creature soon tossing 2 demons as they land on there
feet armor taking most of the damage the beast with large claws towers over the demons by almost a foot as its green eyes
almost glowing as they shift over the demons. Sakus demons look over the body " it is dead my lady " one says as a strange
goo ddrips from the tounge that hangs as Her winged beasts land and return to Saku.

Silver sees the beast attack from the forest she calls in her troops to fight and take up arms, she sends 3 undead to guard and
standby ready to fight in case needing backup, she then orders 2 winged to come back and fight the beast, she charges toward the
beast with her sword drawn ready to fight.

Kharsyn pulled her trops back behind her and signaled them to draw their weapons. As they did she heard the horn and flew herself
into the sky, seeing the creature and also seeing her demons being attacked. She flew over to her winged troops and gathered some
of them and hoped the rest would find her. She went back to the ground and pulled her sword out of her belt (in this case its not
in her chest, its on her person) and nodded to her troops. She led them toward the kingdom, ready to fight and mostly prepared
herself to get hurt so her troops would remain more so. "LE here I come."  

Saku turns to her troops commanding two of her undead to carry the creature- We will take it with us. It may be of use at some point
. -she turns to her winged bretheren as they have returned to her- What news do you have for me my brothers?

Khar and her forces roar down the dirt parth there feet slamming the ground like a storm , her winged beasts soon all rejoinning her.
There also a loud thundering roar coming the kingdom as it starts to come into view of Khar and her troops. Silvers troops move into
combat attackign the beast it roars swinging and missing them as there swords find the mark and wounding it , the beast still alive
and roaring at silver. Sakus undead pick up the body and start to carry it with them, her winged beasts sending saku images to her mind
letting her know about Silver under attack and Khar is entering battle.

Khar stands in the view of the kingdom and stares at its white exterior, she loks to her troops "never, and I mean never, stop if you see
something ro someone in need of help unless its one of your own. WHich they shouldnt be over here anyway" She lets out a slight growl
before continuing their way to the kingdom, hearding that roar that came out. She placed her sword as a guard in front her waiting for
the kingdom to respond to her being there.

Silver watches as the beast attacked she raises her sword to hts neck and demands it to speak, "Who are you and what is your purpose here?"
, she commands her brethren to stay on guard and to draw their swords and keep watch.as she keeps guard to figure out if this beast is an enemy

Saku nods at her brethern and calls them back into formation "Listen up men we are heading west towards our fellow comrad silver. We will help aid
her in battle and warn her of what is happening to the south with KharsynLeVane -she leads them in the direction as they march onwards.

As Khar s forces come to a stop she finds she is standing at the end of the forest the kingdoms forces come roaring over the hills before her,
large white armored Quadruped beasts carrying spears,swords and shields that seem to glow blue in the light of the sun as they close fast onto her
forces [ 1000 troops attacking ] . The greed eyed beast does nothing but growl at Silver now losing losts of blood it starts to weaken as her troops
stand ground. Saku and her men move showing up in time to see Silver holding the Large beast in place with her sword.

Khar places her hound next to her and pats it before readying her troops in the formation, getting ready to go into battle. Kharsyn flew up and
sent her winged demons to them at a fast pace to attack from top while she sent her undead soldiers to hold them off, adding the hound to take the
LE from them, leaving her demonic troops behind and keeping them from getting hurt so they could collect the LE when the others got some of the
enemy troops down.

Silver look over my shoulder to see my comrade saku approaching toward me and i nod to acknowledge her arrival and i smile whilst i ensure the
beast remains surrounded by my men i Declare to the beast to surrender itself using my alluring powers keeping my undead troops guarding it to
collect its life essence if it surrenders.

Khar's forces meet with the new their new foe. The winged beasts striking down but missing the undead forces clash with them , undead go flying as
they meet with the large armored beasts [ 29 died, 7 got back up so only 22 undead died ]. Silver commands the beast but its life fades and soon
dieds her sword glowing as she takes it's soul [ Silver has 1 LE ] , Sakus meen come to a stop as the beast goes limp and dies.

Khar growls a bit in frustration and runs out into the middle of it. She starts angrily swinging her sword at enemy troops, her vision goes blurry
and she black out from anger. She signals the demonics to attack the injured, if there are any, and if there went she would send half to start
fighting with all they can while sending some undead to gather their dead brothers and back up till they feel they are ready to join in.

Silver proud of my efforts i clean the blood from my sword and i resheath my sword, and smile and thank saku for her coming to my aide, i then ask
my troops to collect the dead beasts flesh to use as resources etc, i call back my men and declare to search around the perimeter to look for
resources as i stretch my wings and limbs

Saku stops her before she lets them be sent off- I've come to to tell you that That the Captain is in need of our services. Will you join me in
this endevor?

Khars sword finds the mark of 11 of them. Her rage cutting her targets throats , limbs and all other parts that get in her way, Her undead warriors
charging in as they join in adding another 2 to the total [ Armored beasts lose13 , Khar gets 11 LE ] Her demon troops meeting with them as well
swords locked the beasts and demon just as strong as each other. Silvers men start chopping up the body as the others start to look around and find
nothing , saku talking with Silver      

Silver acknowledges what saku has claimed and orders her men to assist with the battle, as she follows sakus troops to the battle"

Saku smiles with glee as she leads the way to the Captain while sending six of her winged to scout the current situation once more-

Khar felt blood over her face and licked her lips, making her start going into a frenzy. She kept swinging her blade till she felt her bodys fire
expand more onto her body, covering most of her body. Her chin guard now becoming sturdier and sharper. She took one of the bodies and stared at
the army while taking a huge chuck out of the mans neck, eating his flesh and muscles in front of his friends. SHe growls as she did so, a smile
forming on her face since she finally ate but it didnt calm her frenzy.

Silver following close behind saku i take flight into the air bringing my winged with me to keep up with the pace as we head towards the battlefield to
assist in the fight ehilst the undead carry the beasts body in pieces that died earlier with them in their venture
SakuramaruKrauss: -Sad she looks to silver- I'm afraid I must flee to the gate to take care of imprtant matter. My men are yours to command. Be safe my
friend. -she jumps into the the air expanding her wings before taking flight to the gate.

The army comes to a stop the sight of Khar showing her " skills " backing up dropping swords in fear , such a thing they had never witnessed , Khars forces
stop and look to her awaitting here orders , the area around Khar clearing as many of the Beasts back up, most frozen in shock. Sakus forces merge with
Silvers as they head to Khar charging throught the forest soon coming to the end of the forest seeing the armys frozen with Khar standing clear in the mid
bodies and blood around her

Khar signals demonics to attack since it would be easy for them to kill, while she remained holding the body, staring at them so they didnt move. The blood
pretty much covered her body and the ground around her. She smiled, her eyes menatlly taking their souls from them just by staring, hoping to create more
fear. She licked the blood off the mans neck then signaled her hound to attack them as well.

Silver watches on as saku leaves toward the gate and nods bringing the armed forces with her towards the captains army, OK MEN WE SHOULD NOT BE
TOO FAR FROM THE BATTLE NOW! WITH HASTE!!! she continues forward as she draws her sword mid flight licking her lips from thedesire of blood her lust for blood
and vengeance growing stronger

The Armored beasts are cut down in seconds some trying to run but always looking back as the image of Khar burned into there minds. The demon warriors
finishing them as Khar glows blue the souls pooring into her as her body glows blue [ 1000 LE absorbed ]. Silvers forces charging down just in time to see
the demons finishing off the army blood and body parts lay across the ground. the kingdom jsut over the hills in the background  

Khar stood there and looks back at her demons "Well done boys" She salutes them half way "A few of you demonics need to guard this gate while im gone"
she says as she flies into the forest and back into the gate.

she arrives at the scene of the bloodbath from the battle that had occurred and smiles modestly "hmmph" she sighs and said this fight is not exactly over
yet, we must head back to the gate and defend the gates of hell in case of an oncoming attack she heads off towards the gate following pursuit of her comrades
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Mission 2- Captain Khars Campaign 10pm US Eastern Standard Time
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