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 The Pantheon of DrogYol

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PostSubject: The Pantheon of DrogYol   Thu Mar 15, 2018 3:13 am

The Pantheon of Drogyol is where the Demonic Scholars Study the items and bodies found on missions.
Currently [ 3 ]  Demonic Scholars are at work in the Pantheon.

Gate 1 Items
-Wisea Steel
-Wisea Weapons : Sword
-Wisea armour : Heavy
-Wisea Bodies [ 50 ]
-Gem of Detection
-Nuzajit x2

Gate 2 Items
-dead beasts flesh
-Saku's found body
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PostSubject: Re: The Pantheon of DrogYol   Sat Mar 17, 2018 2:58 pm

Found Information.
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PostSubject: Re: The Pantheon of DrogYol   Sat Mar 17, 2018 3:13 pm

RP 1

The Pantheon
Silver steps into the Pantheon of Drogyol looking over the items that have come from the missions as
the bodies hang from the roof as she sit down at the desk and looks up as she examines the dangling bodies and
places her finger against the dead flesh feeling its skin.

The bodies lower to her naked Wisea some large Nuzajit as well as the strange four legged beast that saku found a
week ago

Silver as the bodies hang in front of me i look closely at each of them and take notes of their features, examining their
teeth, eyes, mouth, skin and even fur, taking samples of each she lifts up her samples and examine them closely looking for
any signs of how they can be used
she picks up her samples in her fingers and concentrates on the way it looks and notes the details down on the size, shape
texture and sharpness

The Wisea body is strong and a deep blue standing quite smaller to a demon like Elena almost the size of a mortal.
It has strange wings linking from its wrist to body as well as very soft fleash and they all seem to have the same colour eyes.
Only thing really changing between the bodies is the hair style, but there are also no signs of genitals
she continues to take more samples from the bodies this time pieces of their skin tissue and their flesh
focusing on the flesh colour and the depth of the skin tissue, analysing the samples further, she rubs the samples between her
finger and thumb to feel its texture and density

Nuzajit are large about the size of Elena if not a little bigger , their wolf like head sits on a strange human-ish
form with these sections of hard rock like skin a long forked tounge also hangs from it's mouth. The skin seems to be many colours on close inspection
she then takes a sample of the hair and examines it closely, comparing it to the other hair samples to try
and figure out the similarities and differences in comparison

The last and most fresh body is the strange four legged beast that Saku found on the beach , sand still on it as it
drops a little on the floor. The tounge covered in losts of holes with some liquid still inside it. It has a strong body taller
then her but nothign overaly specail with the skin but there are soem clear large genidals

hmmm she sighs taking another sample from the four legged beast and compares it to the wisea creatures.
she notes down the comparisons between textures and colour of the hair from all the creatures and writes it all down.
continues to take notes of her analysis she found previously
The Wisea have 2 forms of Dna nothing that really seems to show anything at this stage. It also does not match
anything with the four legged beast nor does any dna from the Nuzajit

Silver examines it further and says "interesting,it appears they have two forms of DNA, maybe this is something that changes
she grabs the small bottle of Hydrochloric acid X and drops a small amount of solution onto the four legged beasts tissue sample
and examines its reaction.
she grabs the samples of flesh and hair and examines them under a telescope and adds a liquid solution to see how the dna reacts
and changesto a different environment, however the DNA from the Wisea does not change.

She repeats the process with the four legged beast flesh and looks under the miscroscropeshe takes notes that the wisea dna
does not change
when liquid is added.The blood from the four legged beast does change. Silver hmmm interesting it seems that the wisea dna has
some sort of
barrier to protect it from liquids, so does the four legged beast very interesting in deed so this must mean that these creatures
are definitely a form of a higher race with many different abilitie smaybe i should try using a more potent liquid?
if we can find out their weakness then we could easily create a biweapon that can harm them " continues her analysis of her
examination of the dna samles of tissue and flesh.

Ghiest would arise from her post bringing a bag of chemicals that silver should be using to study and test dna.
Ethylenediaminetetraacetate for purifying the dna. Magneisum Chloride for amplifying the dna. And last but not least
Ethidium Bromide for dna staining .
Silver she then repeats the process with the blood sample of the wisea, and takes notes of its reaction
"mmmhmmmm i see very interesting "continues scribbling down notes of the hydrochloric acids effects of the flesh.
if this analysis is correct we could easily turn this into a powerful bioweapon to defeat our enemies she says deep
in thought...she examines the other sample after adding the hyrdrochloric acid and looks under the microscope and takes notes.
studying the effects on the wiseas blood sample, the blood responds with no new results.

Writes down the results, very interesting how the four legged beast reacts to the acid but the wisea does not hmmmmm
maybe i should try this instead ,she adds a small drop of saline solution mixed with sulphuric acid to the sample of the wisea
blood and examines it,nothing interesting happens, the Wisea blood responds normally but the saline does give a better view of
it all.She notes down the analysis.she stretches her back after sitting for what seems like a long time.After making an analysis
of the effects she then takes another chemical known as silver nitrate and adds it to the blood sample of the wisea.copper in the
blood of the Wisea dissolves, she writes down the reaction and comes to a few solutions. goign to her lord " well it may seem master
that both chemicals react to these creatures skin tissue in some way"

She looks under the microscope again and this time adds hydrogen peroxide to the samplesthe sample attacks hydrogen peroxide
and converts it into water and oxygen "basically master what that means is that the chemicals are in deed effective however im
stil unsure of how we can use these chemicals in our weapons,but my analysis shows that it can be probably efective in battle"
" starts to write down a formula of which levels of peroxide to hydrochloric acid to be used writes down more notes and
starts to write down a formula of which levels of peroxide to hydrochloric acid to be used
writes down more notes and analysisshe then mixes the two chemicals into a container and places it under a microscope and
then adds another sample from the wisea to the solution and adds another chemical of suplhuric acid and examines the findings
mixing all the chemicals used from the previous analysis and looks at it under the microscopic lens

DrogYol looking over her work " why dont you animate one of the bodies and test it in battle conditions , While this is
fine it would work on any living being and we dont have enough of these resorces anyway to do anything with them in battle"
hmmm "which solution should i use master?the hydrogen and sulphuric acid or the hydrochloric acid with the silver nitrate?
DrogYol " none " he says " we cant use anything from it in battle with them, we have enough here for you to test on a
small scale but looking at your studies you are getting basic results , these are the same from any living bing from the

Silver "but what if we encase these chemicals into a bullet encased in Copper Nitrate with a hint of Lime? idk how these
chemicals results are all basic when they are meant to eat flesh surely there must be some sort of a weakness to these
" and fire with what? we dont have nor use firearms , black power or gun powder cant exsit here, and how do you plan on
getting large amounts of this stuff for combat ? "

Silver " i never thought about thatas i was thinking of it as a last resort,but im sure most of these chemicals are found
in plants or something if not we can always study herbology and figure out ways to make another chemical with a similar
effect to hydrochloric acid"
DrogYol " well then you will need to see Khar and Elena about getting you plant samples as well as other things you need "
Silver " is there a way that molten lava could be used and become a weapon?"
DrogYol: " none that we are usign at the moment "

Silver " ok master the things we mainly will need is a certain type of plant based oil that has toxic properties the molten
lava could be used to make a strong casing to contain these chemicals,since molten lava has no effect on us demons it should
be easy to handle for us"
DrogYol: no but it effects everything else how are we to carry it around worlds to points we need to be ?"
Silver " molten lava cools to a solid form "
DrogYol: it can, how did you plan on doing it? water also cant exsit here ?"
Silver "the only way i can think of obtaining molten lava cores is by somehow finding a way to obtain it from another source,
we will need to find a live volcano on the overworld preferrably close to ocean or a nearby water source"

[ Silvers Plan A : Acid Swords. Requires Obsidian medal , Acid poisons and Obsidian forged swords ]

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PostSubject: Re: The Pantheon of DrogYol   

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The Pantheon of DrogYol
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